Operational reliability and cost-effectiveness for owners

The Esko patient information system, or elements of it, have over 10 000 users in five health care districts. As an inhouse company, we develop and expand our information systems in agile cooperation with our owners to meet their requirements.

Our mission is to serve Finnish health care

Esko Systems is a non-profit inhouse company owned by its customers. Via our company, municipalities as well as actors in the social and health care fields are able to join in creating agile and affordable information system solutions to support and enhance everyday patient work. Esko is being extended to also take over functionalities in primary health care and patient data management. The comprehensive CPIS solution is to be composed of the Esko patient information system and a social services client information system to be seamlessly integrated with it.

We are creating a regionally strong patient information system solution in which the information follows the patient. We thus ensure patient safety and access to information from basic to special health care.

Our values

  • Close to the client: owned by our clients
  • Cooperative: together with clients, stakeholders, and Esko staff, we are more than the sum of our parts
  • Responsible: we will never compromise on patient safety and quality
  • Able and willing: we draw up the best solutions in close multidisciplinary cooperation with the end users’ needs at the forefront
  • Frank and fair: we will be open, transparent, and give it to you straight

Our vision

To be a respected information systems provider with the potential for expansion from the national to the international playing field through partnerships.

Our goals

  • A key client and patient information system provider for health and social services counties
  • The Finnish patient information system proven to be the best for Finnish health care
  • Cost-effective provider 
  • Actively seeking growth
Esko Systems

Our strategic focuses 2021-2023

  • Carrying out product development on the Esko patient information system in collaboration with current and future users to best fulfil the needs of health and social services counties
  • Selecting a social services client information system and seamlessly integrating it with the Esko patient information system
  • Ensuring the retention of expert personnel and their job satisfaction
  • Making use of partnerships in research and development
  • Providing high-quality continuous services pursuant to service standards
  • Close collaboration with projects and authorities engaged in preparatory work for the health and social services counties


Our owners

At present, our owners are the Northern Ostrobothnia Hospital District, the Lapland Hospital District, the Länsi-Pohja Healthcare District, the City of Oulu, 2M-IT Ltd, the Kainuu Social and Health Care Joint Authority (Kainuun sote), the Central Ostrobothnia Association of Social and Health Services Soite, LapIT Ltd, and Istekki Ltd.

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