Esko – a New Code for Wellbeing Services Counties

Esko CPIS is a user-oriented client and patient information system, developed in Finland for Finnish social and healthcare. Esko is being developed in collaboration with its users, i.e. the social and healthcare professionals. User studies repeatedly evaluate Esko as the best patient information system in Finland. We offer wellbeing services counties Esko CPIS comprehensive system including primary healthcare and social welfare solutions.

Esko product family


“Esko is efficient and easy to use.”

—Pirjo Ravaska, Head of Department, Lapland Wellbeing Services County

Proved to be the best

Esko is valued especially for its easy usability and reliability. Several user studies have evaluated Esko as the best patient information system in Finland in recent years.

User studies

Esko Systems Oy

Our company is constructing a Esko CPIS comprehensive system in close collaboration with the users.

Esko Systems Oy, an in-house company founded in 2019 is in charge of the development and maintenance of the Esko system. The shareholders have an opportunity to join in the creation of agile and affordable information system solutions which support and enhance day-to-day work with clients and patients.



Esko for wellbeing service counties

Esko is a client and patient information system for wellbeing services counties. Esko CPIS will be implemented in stages in the welfare service counties that have chosen Esko.

Esko cpis

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