We at Esko rate highly the fact that the company values, vision, goals and mission genuinely guide our day-to-day work and all our activities.

Our values

  • Close to the client: owned by the clients
  • Cooperative: together with clients, stakeholders, and Esko staff, we are more than the sum of our parts
  • Responsible: we will never compromise patient safety and quality
  • Able and willing: we draw up the best solutions in close multidisciplinary cooperation with the end-users’ needs at the forefront
  • Frank and fair: in all our activities we will be fair and square and above board

Our Vision

To be a recognised information systems provider with the potential for expansion from the national to the international playing field through partnerships.

Our Goals

  • To be a key client and patient information system provider for wellbeing service counties
  • Continue as the best Finnish patient information system for Finnish health care
  • Cost-effective actor
  • Actively seeking growth


Our Strategic Priorities in 2021–2023

  • The development of the Esko Patient Information System in collaboration with the current and future users to best fulfil the needs of wellbeing service counties
  • Selecting a social welfare client information system and integrating it seamlessly into the Esko Patient Information System
  • Guarantee and job satisfaction of competent and professional personnel
  • Benefit of partners for product development
  • Production of permanent high-quality services in compliance with the service level
  • Close collaboration with projects and institutions doing preparatory work for wellbeing service counties.