Specialised Health Care

Solutions for Specialised Health Care

The Information Technology Unit of North Ostrobothnia Hospital District started to develop the Esko Patient Information System in the 1990s and the first versions of the system were implemented in Oulu University Hospital in 1996.

Esko comprises a number of individual section, such as Medication, Unit Situation Picture, Hoitu, Lesu, Hoiva and Antti. These sections combined with the core Esko and numerous external integrated systems comprise the Esko Patient Information System package.


Medication management is based on up-to-date structured data on medication in Esko Medication Section. The medication section provides safe, efficient and easy evaluation, prescription and dosage of medication.

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Unit Situation Picture

As Esko opens, the real-time care situation in the unit is available at a glance. For instance, notifications of any adjustments to instructions boost time use and care processes. Professional messages will be passed on smartly with the help of checklists, patients’ affairs attended to faster and patient safety improved.

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Hoitu, Support for Out-of-Hours Care

Vast numbers of accident and emergency patients cause haste and a lot of information has to be entered in the records quickly. Hoitu facilitates easy monitoring of both a patient’s care process and the movement of patients through the entire accident and emergency area from the ERP perspective. This not only lifts the burden from the A&E department process management but improves the quality of an individual patient’s care. Entries into the system and test results received will be accessible for the whole team immediately.

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Lesu, Surgery ERP System

Lesu, a built-in system in Esko, is an easy-to-use and uncomplicated ERP system providing flexible support for new practices. Lesu is an efficient tool for the planning and implementation of surgical procedures, procedural radiology, gastroenterological and cardiological procedures.

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“Anaesthesia Record Antti is possibly the best in Finland”.

—Timo Salomäki, Anaesthesiologist, Esko Systems Oy Medical Officer

Electronic Anaesthesia Record Antti

Anaesthesia Record Antti collects relevant information in conjunction with the procedure in an easily accessible graphical form. Medical device measurement data and infusion pump flow rates will be automatically transferred from the medical devices. Medication integrated in Antti ensures the patient’s seamless pharmacological treatment both during and after the procedure. Excellent usability is guaranteed by the uncomplicated features of Antti.

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Hoiva, e-Booking for Treatment

Hoiva, the electronic Esko booking system for treatment, provides a template with which a physician can efficiently create a comprehensive electronic plan and instruction on booking a procedure. Hoiva will comment on the details required for the booking and will send relevant information to the persons performing the procedure by entering applicable information into the ERP system, Lesu.

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