Owners and the Board


Our owners are the Northern Ostrobothnia Hospital District, the Lapland Hospital District, the Länsi-Pohja Healthcare District, the City of Oulu, 2M-IT Ltd, the Kainuu Social and Health Care Joint Authority, the Central Ostrobothnia Association of Social and Health Services Soite, LapIT Ltd, and Istekki Ltd.

Board of Directors

  • Jarkko Raatikainen, Northern Ostrobothnia Hospital District, Chairperson of the board of directors
  • Riitta Luosujärvi, Länsi-Pohja Healthcare District
  • Mikko Häikiö, Lapland Hospital District
  • Juha Korpelainen, Northern Ostrobothnia Hospital District
  • Terhi Nevala, Northern Ostrobothnia Hospital District
  • Kirsti Ylitalo-Katajisto, City of Oulu
  • Secretary of the board of directors: Kaisa-Liisa Harjapää, toimitusjohtaja, CEO, Esko Systems Oy