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“Esko is efficient and easy to use.”

—Pirjo Ravaska, Head of Department, Lapland Wellbeing Services County

“I have nothing negative about Esko in my mind, it is flexible and easy to use. The layout of the front page of a patient’s medical record is clear with links to all relevant information. Patients are easy to choose both by ward-specific options as well as the ones you have already previously viewed.
Various special field tabs are easy to find on the front page: laboratory results, patient’s care plan, ELMET form, integration into Ipana System and the link to received and submitted referrals.
The interface to Antti Anaesthesia Information System is excellent; both systems implement the same medication and physiological measurements.”

—Pirjo Ravaska, Head of Department, Lapland Wellbeing Services County
Esko is very intuitive and its use is easy to learn

“I think Esko is very intuitive and its use is easy to learn compared to many other systems I’ve used. Use of sequence marking for special field tabs in the patient record makes browsing of patient information easier and one gets a good general understanding of a patient’s condition quickly during a ward round and clinic work.
Also the date of the latest entry on the special field pages on the left-hand bar helps to find the latest entries.
Laboratory and imaging integration options work really well and are very diverse.
Esko patient whiteboard contains an additional checklist option which has proved to be an excellent tool for doctor/staff communication and task management. Work sheet folders stacked in cupboards are no longer in use and any paperwork is easily carried out at various workstations and sites with considerably fewer forgotten tasks/delays.
Electronic referrals are also easily managed on Esko.
Esko dictation option is very efficient and compilation of diagnosis and procedure statistics is easy and uncomplicated.”

—Ari-Pekka Puhto, Associate Chief Physician, M.D., eMBA, Physician-in-Charge of Arthroplasty, Oulu University Hospital
“Anaesthesia Record Antti is possibly the best in Finland.”

—Timo Salomäki, Anaesthesiologist, Esko Systems Oy Medical Officer

“ When using the Esko Anaesthesia Record section, i.e. Antti, I can see a patient’s complete clinical anaesthesia situation at a glance. On the Antti-integrated Medication section, the medicines are visible from the time preceding the procedure through the procedure to the phase following the procedure. Antti view is intuitive and calm.”

—Timo Salomäki, Anaesthesiologist, Esko Systems Oy Medical Officer
Esko is uncomplicated

“Esko is mostly reliable. From a doctor’s point of view, the use of Esko is easy to learn, in other words a new doctor requires practically no instruction at all to navigate Esko. Esko comprises excellent integration options including the treatment booking and planning tool, Hoiva. Esko is uncomplicated, information is easily found in the menus.”

—Jukka Tikanto, ENT Physician, Oulu University Hospital
We are very pleased with Antti (Esko anaesthesia section)

“The Esko anaesthesia section, Antti, was well received on its own and has worked as promised. It is good to be able to see also other anaesthetic medication section – this way one also has some choice. Adjustments are easy to make and the system in general is very logical. We are very pleased with Antti.”

—Thomas Riess, Head, Anaesthesiology and Intensive Care, Kainuu Wellbeing Services County

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Esko Patient Information System has been rated the best system in various user studies by the actual users time and time again.

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